Should You Invest in a Glen Ellyn Heating and Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Programs?

Should You Invest in a Glen Ellyn Heating and Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Programs?


Heating and Air Conditioning systems can be a hefty investment, going into the thousands of dollars range. As such, it’s important to make sure that your system works well for many years to come. This often takes the form of a warranty, but that will usually only cover you for a short while. To balance this out, some Glen Ellyn contractors offer Heating and Air Conditioning service programs, with the installation. The question is—are these programs worth the investment? Let’s find out!

What is a Glen Ellyn Heating and Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Program?

Heating and Air Conditioning service programs will usually add a few extra dollars a year to your bill, and they act somewhat like an insurance policy—you make a small investment periodically in order to avoid a large cost in the future. Of course, you hope that you never have to use the program, but in case you do, your investment will cover the costs of a possibly hefty repair bill. In almost all cases, you will end up benefiting by participating in one of these programs.


These programs include scheduled maintenance, which is performed on a yearly, bi-yearly, or even more regular basis, depending the type of agreement you have with your contractor. Keeping your heating and air conditioning system well maintained ensures that it runs smoothly, and that you end up with a lower heating bill at the end of the month. A system that has clogged up airways, or dirty air filters will put more strain on the AC and the furnace, which increases your monthly costs. This regular maintenance also translates into lower repair bills, and less money wasted on expensive replacement equipment.

Priority Service

One of the worst things about your air conditioning or furnace breaking down is that they always seem to break down when you need them the most—in the middle of summer, or in the dead of winter. The service program will help prevent these breakdowns as much as possible by detecting problems early on during our scheduled maintenance sessions. However, certain problems can happen regardless, and you might still end up in uncomfortable situation.

In most cases, when this happens, the homeowner has to hire a contractor on an urgent basis, which is much more expensive. Of course, the homeowner can choose to wait, but being without AC in the summer or without heating in the winter is not very pleasant. There is also the chance that there may not be any contractors in the area willing to work during certain periods of the year, which complicates the situation even further.

A heating and air conditioning service program acts like a retainer in the sense that you will receive priority service from a contractor if you are part of one of these programs. If your system breaks down, you won’t have to start looking for a contractor, negotiating fees, and setting time tables. All you’ll have to do is call the company where you enrolled in the service program, and they’ll be at your door in no time for a repair.

Is a Maintenance Agreement with a Glen Ellyn Heating and Air Conditioning Company Worth It?

Investing in a heating and air conditioning service program might seem like a bothersome expense at first, but once the benefits start to kick in, the expense starts to feel justified. Maintenance and regular service has to be performed regardless in order to ensure the longevity of the system, and you’ll also have the priority service clause which will save you money in an emergency. In other words, a Heating and Air Conditioning service program in Glen Ellyn is basically like a discounted, upfront payment on future repair/replacement bills. If you can afford the extra expense, a Glen Ellyn heating and air conditioning maintenance and service program provides a good enough ROI to justify the investment.

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