Short Guide to Replacing Your Furnace; Tips from an Aurora Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Short Guide to Replacing Your Furnace; Tips from an Aurora Heating and Air Conditioning Company


There are many reasons to replace your old furnace. It could be either out of warranty, broken down, or has become inefficient over the years. If you are thinking about upgrading your furnace in Aurora, then you’re in the right place. In this short guide, we will offer an introduction to the various factors involved in making this decision, and how to make the best out of the replacement process.

When to Replace the Furnace in Aurora

Sometimes, your furnace does not have to break down before it needs to be replaced. However, it can be hard to tell if you should replace your furnace right away in order to save money, or if you can still get some use out of it. Here are some of the indicators that will help you decide if replacing the furnace in the near future is the right choice:

  • The furnace is more than 12 years old
  • It requires frequent repairs
  • The furnace does not provide adequate warmth
  • The unit cycles irregularly between off and on
  • Your energy bills are becoming more expensive
  • The furnace system makes unusual noises
  • The indoor air quality is very poor, to the point where you notice smells, or family members are having respiratory issues

All these signs point to the fact that the furnace is no longer functioning optimally, and that you have a lot more to gain by replacing it. There are circumstances, however, in which you might want to wait a few months before going ahead with the project, in order to replace both the furnace and the air conditioning unit at the same time.

Picking the Right Furnace

If the last time you’ve looked into buying a furnace was over a decade ago, you will be pleasantly surprised at the features present in today’s systems. To start, the industry now places a heavy emphasis on one thing—energy efficiency. The new systems also come with more sensors and safety controls than old systems, and most units do not even need a chimney. They will use a ventilation system that draws in combustion air from the outside and eliminates it through its sides.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a larger system size no longer reflects the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit. The emphasis is now placed on installing the right size for your home’s overall area. This is crucial if you want a system to operate optimally, with low sound levels and at a lower cost. The Aurora heating and air conditioning contractors with Elite Air can help you by assessing the square footage of the home, along with a variety of factors such as the age, insulation, and windows of the home.

Furnaces also come with an AFUE rating, which stands for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating establishes the efficiency with which the furnace transforms fuel into energy. The minimum AFUE rating requirement is 80%, but you will find furnaces with ratings much higher than that. In fact, there are furnaces with a rating of up to 98%, and they are called high-efficiency furnaces. One of these units is more expensive than a regular furnace, but the upfront cost is recovered in energy savings. The unit may also be eligible for rebates, so make sure to check with your local utility company if your plan to invest in a high-efficiency furnace.

You can further increase the energy efficiency of a furnace with features such as smart thermostats, multi-stage burners, electronic ignition systems, and variable speed blowers.

Install a New Furnace in Aurora

If you are thinking about upgrading the furnace in your Aurora home, Elite Air is the company to call. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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