The Factors That Lead to Higher Heating Bills; Insights from a Naperville Heating and Air Conditioning Company

The Factors That Lead to Higher Heating Bills; Insights from a Naperville Heating and Air Conditioning Company


As winter comes, the heating bills start to get higher and higher. This is a fact of life, but the question of how high they have to go is up for debate. There are several factors that have a direct impact on your bills, and in this article, we’re going to discuss them and explain several solutions that can help you lower your energy bills.

Two main factors that increase the cost of heating in your home

As time goes on, the insulation in your home can start to lose effectiveness. This is one of the biggest reasons that you may be paying more on your heating bills than you would otherwise. Improper insulation can also be a factor in new homes. The problem may be located in your walls, attic, or even windows or doors, where improper insulation causes a draft inside the home. Since the insulation is unable to stop cold air from entering the home, or hot air from leaving it, you end up having to run your heating system at a higher intensity and frequency. This, of course, leads to a significant increase in your energy spending, and frustration due to the fact that the heater is always on, but the comfort in the home does not improve.

The other big factor that can affect your heating bills negatively is an improperly functioning furnace. Furnaces can become an issue due to many reasons, especially if you have an older system. Over time, the furnace will be subjected to wear and tear, and components will start to malfunction. Whether the issue is with the furnace itself, or with elements of the wider HVAC system as a whole (such as the ductwork or the air filters), the furnace will have to run at a higher intensity in order to provide the same level of heating it would provide if it were running optimally.

How you can lower your energy bills?

The first and most accessible way to lower your energy bills is to lower the temperature of the thermostat. While this may seem exceedingly obvious, it should be noted that lowering the set temperature by even a few degrees can lead to upwards of a 10% reduction in heating costs.

You can also upgrade your heating system with more efficient components. However, some of these upgrades can be quite expensive, and should be reserved for when the system starts to fail. On the other hand, you can invest in smart thermostats at any point in the life cycle of the system, and you will see a reduction in your heating bills that would cover the upfront cost over a period of time.

Finally, you can work with a heating and air conditioning contractor in Naperville if you suspect that your system has performance issues due to deterioration. A licensed contractor can check the system for any problems and can repair them. Soon enough, your system will run smoothly again, and your heating bills will be lowered.

Are your heating bills too high? Looking for a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Naperville?

Performance issues and outdated heating components can raise your heating bills considerably, and the more these issues go on, the more expensive the repairs generally become. This is why it’s important to contact a heating and air conditioning company in Naperville as soon as possible if you suspect any of these issues are currently plaguing your system. At Elite Air, we offer maintenance, repair, and installation services, and with one call, we can come examine your system and provide you with a free estimate. Contact us today for more information!

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