The Central Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process: Insights from a Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning Company

The Central Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process: Insights from a Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning Company


Are you in the market for a central air conditioner in Wayne? If so, you have many options to choose from in terms of the product itself, but you also have plenty of choices when it comes to the installation service. It can all seem like a bit much at times, to the point where you might even consider installing the unit yourself. However, this is a project best suited for a professional, since you can damage the unit or reduce its operational efficiency if it’s installed improperly. So, if you choose to work with a Wayne heating and air conditioning contractor, it’s good to know what exactly goes into the installation process.

The Various Considerations that Come into Play

There are several different types of central AC units that are currently available. You have split systems, heat pumps, packaged air conditioners, and ductless mini splits. The most popular type of central AC is the split system, and the name stems from the way the system is installed. The system contains an air handler indoors, and an outdoor unit that houses the condenser coil and compressor, with the different components being connected through refrigerant lines. The other types of systems are less complex, usually being comprised of just one component, or several components that are not connected through a duct system.

If you decide to go with a split system, you will need to install the various components, both inside and outside the home, along with a duct system in the walls and ceilings of the home.

The Installation Process Itself

The installation process varies from case to case, but you can more or less expect the following:

  • It all starts with the permit. If you live in an area where a permit is required for an HVAC installation or HVAC work in general, your contractor will be able to obtain one.
  • Any existing air conditioning/heating units will be removed if they are present.
  • The contractor will start installing a new duct system or repairing the existing one.
  • The installation site will be prepared. Depending on the type of system you chose, the contractor may need to set a concrete support pad outside of the home, or install support structures on your rooftop if you go with a packaged system.
  • The outdoor unit will be positioned and secured into place.
  • The indoor unit is next. Your existing air handler will either be replaced, or a new one will be installed.
  • The two units are connected through refrigerant lines. Drain piping and electrical lines are installed.
  • The thermostat is connected to the central AC unit. If you are replacing an older HVAC system, you can use the same thermostat for the new system.
  • The refrigerant lines are cleared of any contaminants, and the new central AC unit is charged with refrigerant.
  • The system will be turned on for the first time in order to ensure that it runs properly.
  • The contractor will then perform an overall inspection of the system in order to ensure that everything has been set up correctly and is running optimally.

With that, your Wayne HVAC system is ready for use.

Looking to Install a Central Air Conditioning Unit in Wayne? Looking for a Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning Company

When you’re in the market for a new central air conditioning unit, the sheer number of choices available can be overwhelming. That’s where Elite Air comes in. We are a heating and air conditioning contractor in Wayne that provides installations, repairs, and maintenance services for all HVAC systems. If you have any questions about central AC units or the installation process, contact us today.

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