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What You Need to Know Before Installing an Air Conditioner for Your Chicagoland Home or Office

Are you looking to install a new air conditioner for your home or office in Chicagoland? Your best bet is to hire a licensed professional HVAC installer. An amateur attempt without the knowledge and proper training required to install an AC unit can be dangerous. Moreover, improper installation can reduce efficiency and cause damage to the air conditioner.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Chicagoland and are unfamiliar with installing an air conditioning unit, the following are a few pointers that will guide you through the process.

Although every air conditioning unit has different specifications from the manufacturer, there are some general steps that remain the same.

Selection of the Air Conditioning Unit

Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioners

A ductless mini-split air conditioner is the perfect choice if you are looking to cool a small office or home without any ductwork. These air conditioners have an outdoor unit to handle air which is controlled by a smaller unit place in the room. They offer better control over energy usage and temperature regulation.

Split System

This is one of the best choices if you live in the warmer part of the USA. Essentially, it’s “split” because it utilizes an outdoor component (which holds the condenser and compressor) and an indoor component (the air handler, which holds the evaporator coil and evaporator).

Heat Pump

Heat pumps serve the dual purpose of heating and cooling. Heat pumps could be either air source or geothermal. Air source heat pumps exchange heat energy with the outside air to maintain the desired temperature in the room. On the other hand, geothermal heat pumps (also called ground source) draw heat or supply heat to the earth based on the temperature requirement.

Packaged Air Conditioners

This is your best bet if you are looking to manage a comfortable environment in a small commercial space. Since they can be placed outside, such as in a commercial building or the roof of a small office, their biggest advantage is their small footprint and installation flexibility.

Supplementary Considerations

New Duct Installation

If you already have a built-in duct system, you are basically looking to choose an AC unit that meets your requirement. However, if you want to go with a centralized air conditioning system, you need to factor space as well as additional costs to complete the project.

Repairing the Existing Ducts

If your current cooling unit is old and you are thinking of a replacement, it’s best to get the existing ducts cleaned or repaired if need be. Any kind of air leak can reduce the efficiency of the cooling unit.

Air Quality

Air quality (such as humidity level) is also important for the overall comfort in the room. If you currently face poor indoor air quality or uncomfortable humidity levels in the room, it might be a good idea to install an entire-home dehumidifier to work with your new air conditioner.

Choosing an HVAC Contractor in Chicago

After you have carried out the initial groundwork on your own, its now time to hire a qualified HVAC contractor. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Ask friends and family for a referral
  • Ask someone in the neighborhood if they have recently installed a unit
  • Check online directories and review sites to shortlist a couple of HVAC contractors in your area

After you have created a list, contact them to have them inspect the site. Have them answer all your queries and guide you through the installation process, then request a quote for the installation of the air conditioning unit.

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